90 Day Fiancee of Tiffany’s Worst Fashion Disasters After Losing Weight

90 Day Fiancé fans are loving Tiffany Franco’s weight loss journey after gastric sleeve surgery. However, they don’t value their fashion choices.

It’s time to take a look 90 day fiance Star Tiffany Franco’s Most Criticized Fashion Updates After Her Weight Loss on Instagram Tiffany was always called out for her relationship with Ronald Smith, which was unveiled on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Season 1. Tiffany received flak for throwing herself into the relationship despite Ronald’s criminal past. As expected, there were multiple breakups and not just one. While struggling with her split from Ronald, Tiffany began to focus on herself and underwent weight loss surgery in June 2021. Since then, Tiffany has lost almost 100 pounds, according to the before and after pictures.


After splitting from Ronald, Tiffany gained respect from fans who felt she was making healthier choices when it came to relationships and fitness. The mother-of-two Tiffany has successfully lost all of her postpartum weight (and more) and is shockingly slim and trim in her latest updates. Tiffany’s gastric sleeve surgery may have been inspired by Angela Deem, but unlike Meemaw, Tiffany seems to focus on a healthy lifestyle and positive attitude. The decision has had wonderful results for Tiffany as she now preaches a message of self-love despite hinting at being back with Ronald.

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Now that Tiffany must prepare to face an avalanche of negative comments over the reconciliation with Ronald, she’s also sometimes toasted about her personal style. On 90 day fianceTiffany’s wardrobe consisted mostly of “off the shoulder” tops and dresses. There may have been times when Tiffany pulled the neckline of her top down to reveal her shoulders. Fans are pretty fed up that Tiffany isn’t experimenting with fashion, especially as they want to see her in stylish pieces that show off her weight loss. Here are three times Tiffany has been mocked on IG for the way she dresses.

Tiffany banged for off shoulder outfit

In May 2021, Tiffany posted a photo of herself behind the scenes of a 90 day fiance shoot. Tiffany revealed that the TLC team didn’t like the outfit she wore as it only revealed one of her shoulders. Tiffany joked that the producers wanted to see more off her shoulders, as did her fans. In the comments, however, fans asked reality TV star Tiffany why she’s so obsessed with off-the-shoulder tops and dresses. “does she think showing her shoulders will always make her skinny? Strange‘ asked one follower. “Those tops off your shoulders so flattering on you all the time‘ added a TLC viewer, wishing someone in Tiffany’s life was ‘honest‘ and tell her the off-the-shoulder look isn’t for her.

Tiffany’s joke doesn’t land

In August 2021, Tiffany posted a TikTok to her Instagram page joking about how she can’t let go of her past. While Tiffany stated she was doing it to be humorous, fans called her “Taxes” and “Challenging‘ to Ronald in their long-distance relationship. Fans told her she would never get any respect for airing her dirty laundry on social media. However, amid these comments about Tiffany’s personality were comments about her t-shirt. one 90 day fiance The viewer asked Tiffany: “Cut out your cold shoulder?‘ after checking out her top, which felt like a DIY project. “Do you ever cover your shoulders?‘ someone asked, who didn’t get a reply from Tiffany.

Fans are questioning Tiffany’s fashion tips

Tiffany’s fashion is appreciated by those who are not bothered by her “cold shoulders”. However, after Tiffany became an ambassador for a fashion label in September 2021, some fans were suspicious of the unknown brand she was trying to promote. Fans questioned the quality of the clothes and mentioned that they didn’t like any of the outfits Tiffany wore. Comments like “TBH the blue one… nope!” “the clothes look cheap, one looks like a nightgown,‘ appeared under Tiffany’s Instagram video. However, the most interesting of all was probably from a 90 day fiance Fan who told her: “They look like granny dresses and cover too much of your shoulders.This proved that Tiffany had to be doing something right by deciding to expose her collarbones.

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