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Planning to lose some weight ahead of festival season to look and feel better? Weight loss is an arduous journey and you will likely encounter many “invisible” hurdles along the way. One of the most common problems faced by people who want to lose pounds is their need for quick results, which often makes the efforts in vain as the weight lost is quickly regained. Striving for slow and steady weight loss is often the best way to burn calories, and for that you need to create a healthy lifestyle that allows room for healthy eating, exercise routine, good sleep, and reduced stress. (Also read: Only eat pineapple to lose weight? Know side effects from nutritionist)

It is important to lose weight to keep obesity at bay, which is a root of all chronic diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease, kidney disease, among others. Weight loss is also helpful for keeping your mental health in tip-top shape.

Men and women lose weight differently. Men have more lean body mass, so they lose weight faster, but they need to exercise more often and eat more protein to lose weight in a healthy way. However, there are some common rules that men and women can follow for weight loss, as suggested by Preeti Gupta, nutritionist and founder of Perfect Health.

1. Eat a healthy and balanced diet This includes all food groups such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats. No food group should be avoided in a weight-loss diet, as each component makes a specific contribution to our health. Carbohydrates provide us with energy and various minerals and vitamins such as vitamin B. Proteins are essential building blocks necessary for our muscles and help burn fat faster, they also keep us fuller for longer. Healthy fats are again very important when losing weight because they provide us with essential fatty acids, vitamin E, fill us up and also burn fat.

2. Add More Fiber To The Diet: High fiber foods are very important when trying to lose weight as they help lower blood sugar levels and also keep our hearts healthy. Fiber absorbs water as it moves through the digestive tract. As a result, our stomach fills up faster and we feel hungry less often. So you need to consume more vegetables, fruits, legumes and whole grains like oats, quinoa.

3. Stay Hydrated: When we try to lose weight, water plays the most important role as it helps remove toxins, transport nutrients, improve digestion, improve muscle function, accelerate calorie burning, burn fat, etc. So drink at least 2-3 liters of water a day.

4. Consume Nutritional Drinks: Consuming healthy beverages like milk, almond milk, buttermilk, vegetable juice, detox water, and green tea will help you lose weight. Avoid sodas, colas, canned and fresh juices as they are high in sugar and raise your insulin levels, which accelerates fat accumulation and makes it harder for you to lose weight.

5. Cut Down Or Reduce Alcohol Consumption: Alcohol interferes with our liver function and disrupts hormones, making fat stubborn and preventing us from losing weight. Alcohol also dehydrates us. So avoid it or minimize its intake.

6. Eat Iron-Rich Foods: 60-70 percent of obese people have an underactive thyroid, so weakness, shortness of breath, and fatigue are common among them. Iron plays an important role as it controls the thyroid gland and its secretion. Indirectly, it helps with weight loss. Include dates, anjeer, beetroot, pomegranate, seeds, nuts, green leafy vegetables, fish and chicken in your diet.

7. Include vitamin D in your daily routine: It is again a very important vitamin when we are trying to lose weight and most people are deficient in it. So sit in the sun for 5 minutes every morning. If this is not possible, take vitamin D supplements once a week for 3 months and consult your doctor. Include mushrooms, dairy, fish, and green leafy vegetables in your diet.

8. Eat a light and early dinner: Dinner is a main meal of the day, but we all make that common mistake of eating late and making it luxurious. As a result, we gain weight. Our internal clock works according to the sun. During the day, metabolism is usually high and everything we eat is digested quickly, but digestion slows down after sunset. Eating an early dinner can help you lose weight.

9th exercise: When we talk about weight loss, exercise is something we cannot ignore. We need to be active, burn our calories and improve our metabolism. So you can integrate yoga, walking, aerobics, strength training, dancing, strength training and swimming into your routine. Strength training works best for men as it is good for muscle growth and burns excess fat. However, perform these exercises under the guidance of certified trainers.

10. Sleep: 8 hours of sleep is necessary for weight loss. Sleep deprivation increases appetite, slows metabolism, and disrupts our hormones, leaving us prone to water retention when we’re not sleeping.

11. Stress: Last but not least, one must reduce stress in order to lose weight. Stress always hinders weight loss as it produces cortisol which in turn disrupts the insulin hormone so we are unable to lose fat. To relieve stress, practice pranayama, deep breathing, meditation, or talk to loved ones.

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