If you want to realize the dream of an exchange, the time may be right now. Check out our tips on how to get the ideal loan that doesn’t weigh in your pocket!

Have you ever considered or are still thinking about an exchange, but the financial condition is not favorable? We know that the investment for a trip like this can be high and even compromise the family budget, right? However, there are alternatives – such as a loan – that can save your trip and not compromise your budget in such an aggressive manner.

So if you want to be happy getting to know new cultures and making your dream come true, the tip is: do a lot of research and check out this full post to find out how best to achieve this desire. There are a few ways to get your degree even if you don’t have all the money right now!


Financing or Loan: Which is Best for Exchange?

Financing or Loan: Which is Best for Exchange?

The first step is to understand the difference between Financing and Loan to finally know which one is most beneficial to you right now. These two words are overused in the financial world, but they have different meanings and can make a difference when you put the values ​​at the tip of the pencil.




Financing is a type of credit for those who want to make a specific investment and, as a requirement, in the request the reason for the credit must be informed to the institution. For example, let’s say you want to buy a car, you will be required to prove the use of the money for this purpose.

For exchange, usually the required documentation required by financial institutions is: the exchange agency budget containing round trip date and information about the course and its duration.

The most common financing is for cars and real estate, but as it should be proven, they may have a more bureaucratic hiring. In addition, the financial institution charges an interest rate that is usually lower, since the amount given is intended for the purchase of a good.



Bank Rate x Loan Rate

If you want to have more freedom with the borrowed money, the loan is worthwhile. In this case, the financial institution offers the requested amount without requiring the reason why the money was requested.

For installments of payment to the institution, the lender charges an interest rate that is defined by the risk of default, ie the possibility of the customer not paying the amount back.

There are several loan modalities available for exchange. At Lifecredi, for example, you are guaranteed by a home loan , where you leave a property – a repossessed property – as security of payment and can repay the loan in affordable installments with up to 180 months to pay and interest rates low as there is a guarantee.

Plus, you can get a value beyond what you need! In the case of an exchange, for example, you can request the investment value for the language course and also guarantee a further amount for your accommodation, food and emergencies that may occur when you are abroad.


Bank Rate x Loan Rate

Bank Rate x Loan RateBank Rate x Loan Rate

According to Portal Hercado & Eventos , the Brazilian international education market grew 20.46% in 2018. There were 365 thousand Brazilians who embarked to study abroad and the total handled by the sector was US $ 1.2 billion. Among all forms of exchange, the largest growth in the sector came from agencies, which 73.3% said had increased marketing.

This demonstrates how much the achievement of studying abroad is growing and that you can also take advantage of all this market movement to really set foot on the road. One of the first steps to this is to study very well what are the fees charged by banks and financial institutions.


Is loan for exchange worth it?

money loan

For many people, doing an exchange to study or work is a real dream, one that can be difficult to accomplish. However, it is very important for you to know that it is super possible as long as you have the planning to make the best choices and also the organization to raise all the costs.

In a year when credit card exchange rates are being discussed and they are likely to fall (in transactions paid in cash, the average rate in the industry was 1.6% in the last quarter of last year), As disclosed by the Central Bank, you need to be aware of every feature that will be needed to avoid any surprises in the end.

So, yes! It is very worthwhile to make a loan to carry out your exchange. With the loan you can get the money to accomplish your trip without surprises. Since you can claim all the amount you need to pay for the upfront expenses – such as passport and visa – as well as to pay for any travel expenses and emergencies that may arise.

Even better is the secured home loan because with it you use a valuable asset that may be yours, from someone familiar or known, such as a home or business office, for example, to get significantly lower interest rates compared to other modalities, besides longer payment periods.


How Lifecredi Loan Works

How Lifecredi Loan Works

Whether you are traveling to Canada, the US, the UK, Ireland, Australia or Malta – destinations most sought after by Brazilians when exchanging – you need to be prepared for all the costs of living out there. So if you have checked all the advantages and you are wondering: How does a Lifecredi secured home loan work? We’ll explain you here.

This modality is super safe and ends up being a healthier format to ensure the financial routine, whether you are an individual and / or legal entity. As the loan is free and you do not need to prove your use, you can request an amount to cover the expenses from the beginning of your journey with the exchange. You can:

  • Pay the first passport and visa expenses;
  • Pay the tickets;
  • Raise funds for housing expenses;
  • Get resources for travel expenses within the country;
  • Pay all the investment in courses during the period away;
  • Bring money to enjoy your trip with peace of mind in your pocket;
  • Obtain a reservation in case of emergency;
  • Plan a quiet and money-back to stay in the early days in Brazil.

Here rates work from 1.09% per month and the timeframe is lengthened – up to 180 months to pay off the debt – allowing significantly smaller monthly installments, leaving no heavy budget for you or the people who will help you. pay. In addition, with EGI (secured loan), the whole process goes online, with less paperwork, and once the credit is approved, the entire amount can fall within 10 days in your account. The step by step for you to do the hiring process with Lifecredi is:

  1. Settled Property : Make sure your property is settle, unpaid, or involved in other debt;
  2. Simulate : Simulate your loan amount and choose the best conditions for you right now;
  3. Request EGI with Lifecredi : did it simulate and everything work out? Make your registration here and send all the necessary documentation to our team, they will give you all the necessary guidelines;
  4. Financial Analysis : From here, your registration and property go to a financial analysis. To gain greater chances of approval, you can combine your income with those close to you (valid spouse, proven partner, children, parents and grandparents);
  5. Signature and Registration : Approved Credit? Sign the documents and register at the notary’s office. Warning: The sooner you do it, the sooner your money will be released!
  6. Credit Released : With everything registered and approved, the money is released into your checking account and you can kick start your trip, wherever you go!

When the trip is well planned , it is possible to perform all the steps until the return without headaches or problems for lack of money. We here at Lifecredi want you to make the best trip without being held hostage to the short and expensive traditional lines of credit. It is possible to make a loan and exchange a high installment for another that will not weigh in your pocket at the end of the month. Simulate here !