Molly Hopkins’ photos from 2022 after 24-pound weight loss

Molly Hopkins is looking better than ever after losing 24 pounds during her weight loss journey. She hopes to inspire 90 Day Fiancé fans on IG.

Molly Hopkins from 90 day fiance Fame revealed she lost 24 pounds on her birthday this year, with before and after pictures of herself. Molly and her ex-husband Luis Mendez top the most memorable list 90 day fiance couples, thanks to their disastrous relationship. But after her divorce from Luis, Molly started living her best life and focused on her fitness journey. Molly’s popularity from the show earned her thousands of Instagram followers who love to follow her weight loss journey and, in turn, find inspiration for themselves.

However, Molly has been repeatedly accused of promoting products with unverified weight loss claims to her fans. In 2018, Molly partnered with a weight-loss tea brand and claimed she drank a 30-day detox tea every day for over six months. Back then, Molly had mentioned how she’d lost over 40 pounds; What she did before, however, was neither healthy nor working for her long-term.


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Molly revealed how she was at 233lbs when she turned to supplements and is now much closer to her goal of 195lbs. However, Molly doesn’t just rely on the products. She sleeps better, eats clean, and gets some kind of exercise every day. Molly keeps telling her fans that if she can get healthy, they can too.

Molly celebrates Women’s Day with Olivia

Molly and her daughter Olivia Hopkins may have had to navigate rough patches in their relationship in the past, but now their bond is stronger than ever. Olivia wished her mum Molly a Happy Women’s Day by sharing photos of them giggling while wearing colorful swimsuits. Molly’s fringed red beach outfit matched her wild and bold personality perfectly as she confidently flaunted her toned legs and smaller waist. Olivia called her mother a “wonderful woman” and a “example‘ in the caption. Fans in the comments agreed with her, with someone even saying to Molly: “you smoke, you smoke.”

Molly shares her weight loss secrets

Molly promoted her weight loss supplements and how they have benefited her in this April post. To prove a point, Molly shared a picture of her in a bodycon dress with pink hibiscus flowers and palm leaves. Molly’s weight loss makeover didn’t go unnoticed by fans, who were keen to tell her how she looks.ten years younger.” While fans have mentioned that Molly has always been beautiful, fans prefer this new, more confident version of Molly.

Molly & Cynthia reveal new characters

Everyone’s favorite pillow talk Couple Molly and Cynthia Decker got together to unveil their fitness transformation in a photo collage featuring the 90 days: The single life star shared in March. Even without makeup, Molly looked stunning in her gray crop top and camo print leggings. Fans could clearly see Molly’s weight loss transformation in her sideways selfie. “Molly, I’m about to jump into your DMs‘ a fan told her in the comments section. “What a transformation‘ added another. While her diet hack has fans questioning the validity of her claims, whatever 90 day fiance star does certainly help with Molly’s weight loss.

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Credit: Molly Hopkins/Instagram

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