Why Amy & Tammy’s Fans Are Hoping The Show Will Be Cancelled

Amy and Tammy Slaton struggle to lose weight in 1000lb Sisters Fans believe the Slatons would benefit if £1000 Sisters were cancelled.

Amy and Tammy Slaton have created compelling television while playing the lead roles 1000 pound sistersbut the siblings’ supporters are requesting that the reality series be canceled before season 4 1000 pound sisters‘ Audiences are invested in the continued weight loss efforts of members of the Slaton family, viewers don’t believe that Amy, Tammy and their siblings stand the best chance of achieving their goals while working as TV personalities. From the unhealthy attention Tammy has garnered through the series to TLC taking advantage of the Slaton clan’s health issues, here’s why Amy and Tammy’s fans are hoping 1000 pounds sisters is cancelled.


Since the dramatic end of 1000 pound sisters Season 3, Amy and Tammy’s followers have been dying to know what the future holds for the Slaton family. After years of Amy and Tammy vowing to regain their health and pursue their weight loss ambitions, the two siblings couldn’t keep up with their goals in Season 3. Although Amy had lost enough weight to have bariatric surgery 1000 pound sisters In season 1, the youngest Slaton sibling learned that she had plateaued in her fitness venture in season 3. Additionally, Tammy was hospitalized after losing her ability to breathe in the Season 3 finale. After their recent weight gain, fans of Amy and Tammy are hoping 1000 pound sisters is cancelled.

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Unfortunately, neither Amy nor Tammy were in good shape when viewers left the reality star couple in the end 1000 pound sisters Season 3. Through social media, Amy and Tammy’s followers have learned that the sisters are still struggling to keep up with their weight loss goals. While Tammy works to breathe again and lose weight in rehab, Amy is busy preparing for the birth of her second baby. Although Tammy teased 1000 pound sisters Season 4 begins production, but fans of the Slaton family are unsure if another season of the sibling series would be ethical. Despite viewer interest in following Amy and Tammy’s stories following the explosive end of season three, some fans believe the Slaton clan would be better off if they didn’t return to reality TV. A Reddit user confessed, “I hope somehow [1000-lb Sisters] will be cancelled.”

Amy and Tammy Slaton in 1000 Pound Sisters

Even though 1000 pound sisters Season 4 would certainly be one of the best seasons in the Slaton family series. Amy and Tammy Slaton’s fans don’t think TLC helped the sisters succeed in their weight loss endeavors. Though the network has helped the Slaton siblings access bariatric surgery, viewers believe TLC relies on Amy and Tammy to maintain their unhealthy weights. A fan explained “[TLC] is basically egging on [Tammy’s] death and no one raises any real ethical concerns.” In addition, viewers claim that the main role continues 1000 pound sisters has exposed Tammy to trailblazers who have hampered her weight loss progress. Another quoted commenter “TLC is complicit [Tammy’s] Behaviors…she’s obviously gotten a lot of attention from the BBW/SSBBW community.” Fans believe Tammy’s unpopular ex-boyfriends Jerry Sykes and Phillip Redmond couldn’t have sparked their binge eating without the Slaton sisters’ exposure 1000 pound sisters.

Unfortunately, neither Amy nor Tammy took advantage of the weight loss opportunities they earned while starring 1000 pound sisters. Amy and Tammy fans are hoping the show will be canceled because 1000 pound sisterS only encouraged the siblings’ unhealthy behavior and capitalized on their failures. While it is unclear whether 1000 pound sisters Season 4 is already in production, fans can only hope that Amy and Tammy will prioritize their weight loss journeys over their series ratings.

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