Yara Zaya’s Best Beach Photos After Weight Loss Ranked

Yara Zaya took to Instagram to show off her postpartum weight loss by wearing bikinis in cute family photos with Jovi Dufren and Mylah.

Popular 90 day fiance Star Yara Zaya is often asked how she lost weight so quickly after having a baby with Jovi Dufren. Fans met Yara 90 day fiance Season 8 when she landed in America from Ukraine. The couple met out of sheer boredom via a travel app, and their casual date turned into full-blown romance. Yara and Jovi married in Las Vegas in February 2020 and welcomed their first child together named Mylah Angelina in September 2020.

Fans who saw Yara before she became pregnant and who now see her on Instagram with her daughter, who is almost two, are confused at how she is maintaining her figure. Yara is always sharing photos and videos of herself at the gym and has also posted her workout routine on her YouTube channel. But Yara tells her followers that her rock-hard abs are the result of just going to the gym and eating healthy. Yara’s model-like figure helps her when she needs to show off the clothes from her latest Yara Zaya Shop collection.


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Yara is also spoiling fans with her makeup tutorials created using her Boujee By Yara products. But it’s always Yara’s beach photos that delight fans. Yara was called out for using Photoshop on her body to make her look slimmer in her pictures. Yara, who openly admits she had plastic surgery and completely transformed her face, has always defended her body, which she says is all natural.

Yara in a pink bikini

Yara Zaya 90 Day Fiance

In December 2021, Yara flew to Miami with Jovi and baby Mylah. She used Santa emojis in her caption to indicate they were spending time there before Christmas. While Jovi looked chic in his aviator sunglasses, Apple Watch and beach shorts outfit, Yara looked supermodel in her two-piece swimsuit. Yara wire pool slides with “Miami‘ written on it and outfitted her OOTD with huge, oversized sunglasses and her hair tied in pigtails. Yara’s light pink bikini with rhinestone embellishments was from her own Yara Zaya shop, as she pointed out to her followers in her caption. “How are you even more beautiful after having a baby?!?‘ one fan asked, while another called Yara and Jovi.barbie and ken.”

Yara & Mylah’s “Mommy & Me” style

Back in May 2021, fans had just found out that Yara had given birth to a little girl 90 day fiance. At this point, Mylah was actually about eight or nine months old. “mylah loves the beach‘ Yara wrote as a caption for photos of her and Mylah spending time by the sea. Both wore matching white hats to protect themselves from the sun, and like Yara, Mylah even had her own tiny pair of sunglasses. Reality TV star Yara wore a pink swimsuit again, this time in a neon shade. Fans wrote that you would never know Yara had a baby a few months ago by looking at her photos. “Great genetics‘ commented one TLC viewer. “What are your post baby weight loss tricks? you are already so tiny‘ someone else asked.

Family time with the Dufrens

Yara Zaya and Jovi Dufren - Daughter - Adorable Family Moments - Mylah - 90 Day Fiance

Yara was accused of photoshopping her body when she shared a new beach photo of her, Mylah and Jovi in ​​June. “I can’t believe this body had a baby‘ one of Yara’s admirers wrote in the comments, upon spotting her in a trendy blue two-piece bikini. But as one critic commented: “I don’t think it’s not a little Photoshop90 day fiance Celebrity Yara found the news quick and slammed it in her usual cheeky style. Yara replied: “hahahaha, this is what the body of a person who goes to the gym every day looks like‘ when more fans joined her. Some fans joked that Yara has to show Jovi how to get a six pack by making him go to the gym with her. Interestingly one 90 day fiance Fan noted that Yara stands on her “tip toes” in her photos, but she laughed that it’s so she can look”greater.

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